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What am I up to?

I've got three projects in the hopper right now. The one that's getting the most of my attention is RAZOR 1-7. It's the story of a Special Operations team that was testing some new war fighting tech, and gets sent back in time to the late 1500's. It's my first venture into sci-fi with no ghosts, demons, or big furry critters with lots of teeth.

My other work in progress (WIP) is titled FENCE LINE. This story follows US Army soldiers posted to Fort Wainwright, Alaska in 1989 and does have more of the paranormal / big furry monsters with teeth vibe. I got about halfway through and hit a roadblock of sorts. I figured I would stop, and start RAZOR 1-7, and idea I've been playing with for a while now, and see if it got the creative juices flowing. Turns out that I'm having too much fun writing RAZOR 1-7, so I'm gonna finish it, and then go back to FENCE LINE.

The third project is an on going WIP of mine titled (working title) ROSWELL PARANORMAL. I've been meeting with, and interviewing folks that live here in Roswell, Chaves County, New Mexico, about paranormal and unexplained experiences they've had. I know what your thinking, the answer is no. I am not documenting UFO stories. This project has taken a back seat due to current conditions on the ground here with the social distancing and stay at home orders. Once this Covid-19 business resolves itself I'll get back to it. Anyway, there have it. That's what I'm up to...more or less.

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