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Tom's books are written in the paranormal/horror/science-fiction genre.  They contain strong language, violence, scary monsters with lots of teeth, ghosts, demons, chaos, mayhem, and gun play.  As such, they are intended for an adult audience.  All of Tom's books are self-published and available in paperback at, and the Kindle Store.  Are you afraid of the dark?

basement cover 2.jpg

Inspired by a real-world paranormal encounter Tom had while working as a police officer in Alaska.  Also available as an audio book at Amazon, iTunes, & Audible.

There has always been evil in the world.  Some of it is men visiting violence against their fellow man, and some of it is a darker, more potent form of evil brought to us in a shape other than man.  This evil has been called many different things by many different cultures; we know it best as demon.


State Police Narcotics Agent Jim Richards, whose 20-year career is nearing an end, thought that he had seen just about everything that man had to offer, the good and the bad.  While investigating the distribution of dangerous drugs by members of a local outlaw motorcycle gang Agent Richards and his partners stumble into a new level of evil, one that has been feeding on the pain and misery of humans throughout history, a demon.

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The Basement Chapter II

10,000 years ago he was summoned into our reality. Moving through the generations he, and his followers have been plotting, gathering power, and feeding. Slowly making moves in the shadows, infiltrating institutions, and influencing persons of power. In The Basement agent Jim Richards met the monsters, now retried, Jim again comes face to face with the evil he had hoped to leave behind. Doing what they do best, manipulating people, the beast makes a move on Jim's family in an effort to gain cooperation. Instead Richards responds with aggressive forward action to save his family and destroy the monsters that have plagued him since The Basement.

The Waters Edge cover.jpg

The Basement Chapter III

The demon Alue-Ran has begun the final stages of his plan to pave the way for domination of mankind. This means that loose ends must be tied off, such as the Catholic Church, and the only human to defeat him, Jim Richards. Moving to stop the monster from achieving its goals, Jim, along with his wife Shelly and Darrel Wilcox, venture to find the only person who can actually end the demon Alue-Ran; the immortal Roman solider Longinus-- known to them as Nico. A quest that will take them to the dark corners of tested faith, violence, and betrayal. A quest that culminates at the water’edge.

The Barrier.jpg
THE BARRIER: Toys in the Trees

Also available as an audio book at Amazon, iTunes, & Audible.

What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and discovered that our reality was existing right along side another reality, one where the monsters of our legends and fairy tales were real? Now imagine that the barrier separating our two realities was collapsing. A new world is about to be formed, whether we want it to or not. The question now becomes will mankind survive the collapse, and if so will we prosper, or just become food and slaves for the creatures on the other side of THE BARRIER.


THE BARRIER: Gods and Monsters

The barrier has collapsed, our world has ended. Now, Mike Acothley and Dave Nielson, along with the rest of their team, begin the journey of surviving in the new reality. A journey that will see old friends reunited, surviving military forces mobilized, and a fight with the monsters of our fairy tales and legends. A fight that escalates into a full-scale battle that will dictate the direction of the new world, and the fate of humanity. Monsters will rise, and Gods will topple! The fight for the new world has begun.

Broken Creek paperback cover (2).jpg


What happens when the box that can’t be opened is opened, and the evil inside is set free?  Gold miners Jacob Daleman and Nelson Washington explore this when, while panning on their claim outside of the mining town of Broken Creek, Montana in 1856, discover a silver box submerged in the creek.  With the release of the demon trapped inside the box, a fight ensues, one that’s been ragging since the siege of Masada by the Roman army.  A fight that’s pitted the light against the dark for centuries, and now threatens to consume Jacob, Nelson, and everyone around them as treachery and deceit take hold.  No one is who they seem in Broken Creek.

RAZOR 1-7 paperback cover.jpg


RAZOR 1-7, a joint forces special operations team made up of members from the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, and the Central Intelligence Agency is set to test a new, technologically advanced, weapons delivery system outside of Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  As with most black book projects there is another level to the system, a level that is not revealed to RAZOR 1-7---time travel.  The initial field test of this technology goes wrong, and as a result, RAZOR 1-7 is deposited in the year 1589. While trying to determine what's occurred, and how to get home, the team becomes embroiled in conflict between Spanish forces, who with the help of indigenous peoples, are trying to eradicate English settlers who have established a colony off the coast of North Carolina. This conflict culminates in one of the greatest unsolved historical mysteries of the United States.


In the fall of 1989, twenty one well trained, and well equipped soldiers from the 4th Battalion, 9th Infantry Division, Fort Wainwright, Alaska were sent to relieve security forces at a classified US Air Force testing facility in the remote wilderness of Alaska.  Only one man returned.


Evil comes in many forms. Some are the corner posts of our nightmares, some not from this world.  Others are standing right next to you, and you didn’t even know it.  Be cautious of calling out into the darkness of the unknown, something may call back.

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