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My Background

You can get a pretty good idea about my background from reading my bio (available on this site). I was born and raised in Alaska, and after having a run at college, and exploring the work force, I ended up in law enforcement where I spent 20 years working as a police officer.

My career started in Alaska, then took me to Washington State, and ended up in Montana. What is not in my bio is a lot of my training and experience, which I rely on heavily when writing certain aspects of my books. In addition to working as a patrol officer, I also held assignments as a firearms instructor, field training officer, gang investigator, tactical police team officer (entry & sniper/counter sniper), persons and property crimes investigator, to name a few. I spent the majority of my career working as a narcotics investigator with the bulk of that operating in an undercover capacity at the municipal, state, and federal level. As a UC officer I engaged in the gathering of criminal intelligence and the purchase of evidence in furtherance of ongoing criminal investigations. I had (what I like to think of) as a well rounded, and extremely interesting career.

I've always enjoyed a good science fiction, and/or monster movie, book, television, etc. To that point I was a little bit of a skeptic for a long time. I appreciated it because it made for a good story, not because I thought it was real. Then, while working as a patrol officer in Alaska I had an experience that changed that. I came face to face with, what I've been told, was a shadow person. It's a bit of a story, and in fact was the inspiration for my first book THE BASEMENT.

I think it's the combination of my law enforcement experience, from which I know that monster's dressed as humans walk among us every day, and my be it limited exposure to the paranormal, that has nudged me onto the path of writing books about scary spooky shit with big teeth.

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